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Scientific center of gravitational-wave research Academy of science of Tatarstan, Kazan, Russia.

Murzakhanov Zufar Gazizovich
Murzakhanov Zufar Gazizovich
06.02.1937 — 13.02.2014



1. Detection of periodic gravitational radiation from relativistic astrophysical objects

  • Development of a compact laser-interferometric detector of periodic gravitational radiation as the main receiving apparatus of Gravitational-Wave Observatory "Dulkyn" of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • Detection of gravitational waves and investigation of their properties; theoretical and experimental test of the backgrounds of modern gravity theory and up-to-date concepts in cosmology and astrophysics.
  • Development of measuring devices and basic procedures for performing the space-based gravitational-wave experiments.

2. Investigation of infra-low-frequency variations of Terrestrial gravity field.

  • Monitoring of infra-low-frequency variations of the global potential of the Earth, long-term and short-term forecast of seismic activity, reconstruction of the dynamic phenomena, taking place in the inner strata of the planet, and of terrestrial potential variation.
  • Measuring of the first, second and third derivatives of the gravity field potential, reconstruction of the local structure of the gravity field, applications to the problems of geological exploration and evolution of the oil-bearing strata.
  • Terrestrial potential variations and their role in the structure formation: peculiarities of crystal growing, irregularities in the structure of synthesized chemical compounds and phenomena in biological systems; microgravitation, anomalous gravitation and the "fifth" forth.

3. Investigation of time variations of Terrestrial inertial field.

  • Monitoring of infra-low-frequency variations of the angular velocity of the Earth's rotation and their geophysical consequences.
  • Development of conceptual, theoretical and experimental backgrounds for optical inertial devices design.
  • Astrometric and geodesic applications. Exact Time Service.

Medal Diploma Medal

Scientific center of gravitational-wave research «Dulkyn»
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